Retired and Loving It: How Retirement Living Is Happier Living

happy retired senior womanWith all of the talk and concern regarding shaky economy and retirement funds these days, many retirees and future retired boomers are concerned about their financial retirement planning. How about you? What are your retirement plans for the future?

Everyone hopes to retire someday -not to only have the full freedom to lounge around and relax, but the freedom to do more of what you want to do and less of what you have to do! There is a great difference between the two, right? After years of hard work and sacrifice, you deserve a retirement that serves as bonding time with your friends, family and other relatives that you may have lost touch with over the years while you were chasing your dreams.

How can you make your retirement living a happier living? Let’s take a look at some tips below.

Retirement living is about more than money

Your financial planner will tell you to begin thinking about your retirement decades before you plan to retire. Think about how you want to feel and what you want your life to look like while thinking about the amount of money you will need in retirement. It is also a good idea to make a retirement planning worksheet around five years before your retirement date.

Find your purpose

Once you retire, you will have a lot more free time on your hands. When making a retirement plan, look for the things you can do on a constant basis that add structure and bring joy to your life. It may be a new hobby, world travel or preparation for a new job. Determine what interests you most or the things you are passionate about and plan to do more of them in retirement!

Make your life plans

You should start planning for the non-financial phase of your retirement life by considering things that will bring you happiness. Maybe you will write a novel you have been thinking about, continue working part-time, hike up a mountain or learn to make a website! Make your own life plan and tick your experiences off as you get going.

Challenge yourself

Work at something if you want to get better at it. Whether you try your hand at different puzzles to keep a sharp mind or walk an extra mile to keep a fit heart, facing new challenges will help you stay involved with living. Throwing something unusual in your day can add some spice to your life. Just because you haven’t done it before doesn’t mean you can’t take an exciting shot now. You might find some talents you didn’t know you had!

Ask your partner or spouse

Retirement living turns into a shared experience if you have a spouse or close other half. Making time for you as well as your partner is very important. He or she can have ideas for activities that you can enjoy together.

Get Ready

People don’t really recognize what retirement involves until they start living the retirement life. If you’re not fully prepared, you may find yourself lost or confused when retirement comes -and it is coming fast! Your golden years can be the best of your life, so taking the time to plan ahead will ensure that you are ready for the next chapter!



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