5 Perfect Gifts for Your Newly Retired Family Member

gifts-for-seniorsAre you looking for an extraordinary and perfect gift for your retired family member? Whether you want to recognize someone’s retirement or celebrate his/her accomplishments, you want to find the best gift for your relative. Usually, retirement gift ideas rejoice the achievements of the receiver while acknowledging his/her rapport to the giver as well. A company would traditionally give a special plaque or gold watch to a retiring worker for commemorating his/her service. But, family members may want to give something that will recognize their personal relationship. Frequently, the best gifts are those take into consideration how well you know the recipient: What are his/her retirement plans after leaving the work? Are there any sports, hobbies or activities that she/he likes to join in?

Choose the best retirement gift for your newly retired family member using the ideas below.

  1. Memory book/photo album/scrapbook – Oftentimes, a memory book, photo album or scrapbook are considered as the most meaningful gifts for retirement. The receiver’s achievements during his/her working years can be included inside. In the memory book, you can take account of press releases, photographs and other special occasions from the past and present. You can have every co-worker or family member sign the book as well as write a personal message or special memory.
  2. Travel gifts – Many new retirees think about travelling as soon as retirement time comes. You could give them travel accessories like a travel alarm clock or new luggage tags. If not, you can consider special gift ideas which include: DVDs or books on travel; a personalized passport case; a cruise or a vacation to a special destination.
  3. Gift cards – Some people who are about to retire think about economizing and do not need more things. They do not need a trophy or an award. A simple and heartwarming gift certificate, gas card or dinner out at a restaurant is enough yet perfect gift you can give for your retired relative.
  4. Charitable donations – Retirement gifts do not need to become lavish. Some suggest that making a nominal charity donation that a retiree supports as well as sending personal note is an adequate amount of appreciation and acknowledgement. You can donate old books or equipment on their behalf to a favorite park, organization or library.
  5. Experiences – For many retired workers, money or material things is not important. What matters most is the experience they can get when walking or talking with their close person or family member. Taking them out to lunch, buying tickets to watch a show or movie together, or even getting together for a cup of coffee can be a priceless way to celebrate retirement. Time is something we never get enough of so what a fitting gift than to spend some quality time with a retired loved one?

There is no correct answer as to what to buy a newly-retired friend or family member but we hope this list has inspired you with some new ideas on how to make someone’s retirement special.

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