Q. What is an Independent Retirement facility?

A. An independent retirement facility provides a safe and stimulating environment in which seniors can age-in-place with confidence and comfort. It’s goal is to promote physical and emotional well-being for seniors and encourage their well-being and longevity. RLC’s communities offer a rich and rewarding lifestyle that allows seniors to be active and engaged for as long as possible. We design our communities to meet the needs of healthy and mobile seniors – with an average age being 75-80.

Q. What can I expect from your facility?

A. RLC prides itself on "resort style" services, which include recreational, cultural and social activities, housekeeping, personal laundry, 24-hour security and exceptional food service, transportation and so much more...There's freedom and flexibility to be as involved as you wish. There are also caring and considerate professionals that will be your support and community.

Q. What type of amenities does RLC offer?

A. Every RLC community offers central amenity spaces with a minimum of 10,000 sq.ft. that typically feature: reception areas, lounges, dining rooms, commercial kitchen, library, private dining room, games room, our signature Essentia Wellness Centre, Theatre/screening room and outdoor spaces such as terraces or patios.

Q. What are your security features?

A. From 24-hour concierge and staffed reception to well-lit and secure underground parking, personal mail box and security cameras, the facility is safe and secure. Each suite offers RLC's SeniorSmart™ features insuite emergency response, motion lighting, grip bars, peep holes, and more features for your personal comfort and peace-of-mind.

Q. What if I need a little more assistance?

A. At RLC our goal is to have our residents age-in-place with dignity and comfort. Should our residents have surgery, rehabilitation or need more assistance we offer in-house short-term respite. Our residents appreciate not have to move to another facility or be a burden to their spouse, family members or coordinating outside personal care workers. There is always 24-hour nursing staff and medical practitioners on-site for our residents and their families peace-of-mind.

Q. What type of services do you offer?

A. There are flexible services offered on a "menu" of service levels that start with a light base level designed for those seniors that are very independent. As seniors age and their needs grow, the amount and frequency of services included in the higher service levels is increased. Our residents really enjoy the flexible meal plans and housekeeping services. They can take part in spa services and wellness programs and treatments as they wish. So, really is tailored to you lifestyle needs and your budget!

Q. What type of housing options do I have?

A. RLC communities offer seniors the option of renting or owning self contained one or two bedroom suites, all designed with cooking facilities. Typically two thirds of the suites are rentals and one third are condos. The average rental apartment size is 500 sq.ft. and the average condo size is 900 sq.ft.

Q. Should I Rent or Own?

A. It's really up to each senior's and there own financial situation. For a condo buyer there are many reasons to purchase and have equity in your home. Many purchasers choose to invest in this growing market sector since this real estate is geared specifically to our aging populations needs. It is also an opportunity to have a long-term real estate investment that appreciates and, to keep building equity for their children and grandchildren – creating a financial legacy by bequeathing property. In addition to CAM charges, condo owners commit to purchase a minimum level of services, which provided a steady stream of cash flow that grows as the owner's age. Renting has its benefits too! Many RLC renters enjoy the financial freedom of short or longer-term rentals. They do not tie up their family money in real estate and have available cash to use at their own discretion. They often bequeath the proceeds of the family home to their children now as opposed to dealing with estate inheritances and the legal and financial paperwork that results from this. Many of our residents choose to "trial" rental short term and then decided to invest in a condominium or longer-term lease because they enjoy the RLC They always have the freedom to rent and then own. They can move up to a larger suite.

Q. Are these suites only available to seniors?

A. Yes. Mandatory participation in the service structure eliminates the possibility of purchases by non-seniors thereby ensuring social homogeneity.

Q. What do the Condominium fees include?

A. The Condo fee covers the costs incurred to run the condominium corporation including building insurance, your utilities (individually controlled heating and air conditioning, hot water, the pro-rata share of maintaining common areas in the building, parking and locker maintenance).

Q. What about a property management company?

A. Retirement Life Communities Consulting Inc. is the property manager – we continue to maintain our pride of ownership and relationship to ensure that the community retains its value and long-term appreciation. RLC will represent the Condominium Corporation and has prepared the initial operating budget from which the monthly maintenance fees are determined. As will typical condos, a Condominium Board of Directors will be elected from the Condominium owners. Condominium owners have the right to participate in decisions made with respect to their homes. Under Condominium legislation, each owner is a voting member of the Condominium Corporation.


It’s a wonderful place! Everybody is really friendly. I’ve been here for a few years now and really enjoy it.