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Goderich Place In the News

New Goderich Place Courtyard Made with Best Dementia Health Care Practices, Says GM

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Recondition Your Nutrition

March is Nutrition Month, a month to ditch the junk food, add exercise, and take on healthier habits. An easy place to start is to eat more fruits, whole grains, and vegetables. Having fresh fruit and vegetables in your home … Continue reading 

London, Goderich recognized as ‘Great Places’ in Canada

London’s Wortley Village has picked up a grand prize and was also the people’s choice winner for Great Neighbourhood while Goderich’s Courthouse Square was the people’s choice for Great Street. They were among five locations named as winners among 68 … Continue reading 

Goderich Place appreciates its volunteers

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Don Aberhart turns 100 with no plans to slow down

He’s been a car man, dealing in Ford and Volvo motor cars in Goderich for years, followed by a stretch selling homes in the town’s real estate market. He also found time to settle in with the family life, as … Continue reading 

Winterfest another big success

Goderich Place

Despite cold temperatures on Saturday (Feb. 8), Derrick Wise and R.J. Garton of Goderich Place were full of enthusiasm during the chili cook-off held on The Square as part of Winterfest celebrations. See more

MacKay Centre hosting active living and wellness fair

Goderich Place

The MacKay Centre for Senior is hoping an upcoming event will help local residents 55 and up get and moving. The centre is hosting a 55+ Active Living and Wellness Fair on Wed., March 26 from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 … Continue reading 


Retirement Life Communities In the News

CTV’s Scott Miller visits Cyber Seniors as we try to use IPADs to help eliminate elder abuse

CTV London’s very own Scott Miller took a trip to Goderich Place to investigate if empowering seniors with today’s latest technology may give them more tools to report abuse or be less likely to become a victim themselves. The goal … Continue reading 

New Years Resolutions Every Senior Can Achieve

New Years Resolutions Every Senior Can Achieve

For many, the New Year is a fresh start for new beginnings, a time to set new goals and adapt changes to improve productivity or better your mental and physical health.  Everyone loves their daily routines, but breaking old habits … Continue reading 

Three Reasons to Live In A Retirement Community

Three Reasons to Live In A Retirement Community

Adjusting to retirement can be both an exciting and challenging time for many. Some have the option to stay in their homes – which can be the right choice for them. However, there are many advantages of living in an … Continue reading 

Senior Safety Tips: Walking Safely On Snow or Ice

Senior Safety Tips: Walking Safely On Snow or Ice

Taking a quick walk is a refreshing and enjoyable way to enjoy the beauty of the winter season, yet provide some much needed healthy exercise from being cooped up inside. However, winter has its challenges when it comes to getting … Continue reading 

5 Perfect Gifts for Your Newly Retired Family Member

Are you looking for an extraordinary and perfect gift for your retired family member? Whether you want to recognize someone’s retirement or celebrate his/her accomplishments, you want to find the best gift for your relative. Usually, retirement gift ideas rejoice … Continue reading 

Retirement Home or Retirement Community – What’s The Difference?

man researching retirement

Many people are getting confused when it comes to differentiating between retirement homes and retirement communities because of the ‘almost similar’ sense that the two portray. Simply put, retirement homes and retirement communities are specially designed for individuals who are nearing the … Continue reading 

5 of The World’s Most Luxurious Retirement Communities

Are you looking for a place where you can live comfortably despite being in the better half of your years? A retirement community might be the best place to cater to your needs. There are lots of amazing local retirement communities … Continue reading 

8 Questions To Ask A Retirement Community Before Choosing One

Retirement is an essential part of our evolution. For seniors, it is important that once they reach the age of retirement, they are able to look for a reliable retirement community or a senior living option that will provide them … Continue reading 

Retired and Loving It: How Retirement Living Is Happier Living

With all of the talk and concern regarding shaky economy and retirement funds these days, many retirees and future retired boomers are concerned about their financial retirement planning. How about you? What are your retirement plans for the future? Everyone … Continue reading 

4 Ways Retirement Communities Provide Better Support in Troubling Times

senior woman with daughter

For seniors who are getting overwhelmed by being cut off from social and transport amenities as well as home upkeep, or for those who simply want to mingle with individuals of same age, a retirement community is often a good … Continue reading 

5 Ways Retirement Communities Improve Quality Of Life for Seniors

To improve the quality life of seniors, certain retirement communities are maintaining its services with the help of health professionals and caregivers. Each day, these retirement communities are formulating more creative solutions to ensure seniors of a quality life. New … Continue reading 

How to deal with widowhood

The death of a spouse is one of the most traumatic events that any person will face in their lifetime and this experience has numerous side effects to the surviving spouse. The surviving spouse not only has to deal with … Continue reading 

Importance of Companionship in Older Years

In recent years, media has promoted proper dieting and exercising as two key factors in sustaining a healthy lifestyle for the elderly; however one of the factors that they do not promote as often is the importance of companionship. Companionship … Continue reading 

Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors

It is a common fact that as we age, our bodies change as well, resulting in different nutritional needs for seniors compared to teenagers and middle aged adults. The most common changes to a senior’s body are: • Slower metabolism, resulting … Continue reading 

How to have conversations with your elderly parents.

As your parents get older, the dynamics of your parent-child relationship can change. The most common example is when the child becomes the caregiver of the parent. To ensure that the transition from being the child to the caregiver, is … Continue reading 

Connecting with your Grandchildren Through Technology

Teenagers in today’s age have grown up with technology. It’s not just a toy or a tool they use; it’s integrated with their lifestyle. And since many of these teenagers are also grandchildren, it could be hard for grandparents to … Continue reading 

6 Common Misconceptions About Retirement Living Debunked

Retirement concerns are unavoidable, especially that there will come a point that you have to take the path of your retirement life and start saving money to secure your financial needs or the future of your loved ones. But most … Continue reading 

New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

As a new year is upon us, a lot of us are thinking about how we can start the year off right, and what resolutions we should focus on. As you age, it’s normal for your priorities and goals to … Continue reading 

Palisades on the Glen – Resident Speaks

Retired people playing cards together

Below is a story from one of our current Palisades on the Glen residents and her experience with our drawing program. In Senior Primary School we had a specialist art teacher come to our classroom once a week. He taught me … Continue reading 

Top Frauds/Scams Geared Towards Seniors

Seniors are often the victims of fraud and scams by con artists. There are many reasons why con artists target seniors: seniors live alone, generally have more disposable income and are usually extremely trusting of people. Con artists can appear … Continue reading 

Senior Living: The Pains of Winter

Winter isn’t always kind to everyone. As an aging senior, winter can affect you both physically and mentally. It produces an obstacle that isn’t always easy to break through. As the temperatures drop and the snow falls, the risk for … Continue reading 

Common warning signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s

Trying to think of a memory and you just can’t seem to put ‘your finger on it’? It happens to the best of us. As we get older, the human body inevitably changes – and forgetfulness here and there is … Continue reading 

The Upside of Downsizing when Retiring

People spend the first half of their lives acquiring possessions, and the last half getting rid of them. Downsizing is often seen as a negative because people fear change and cannot let go, but change can keep a person young … Continue reading 

This month marks the 30th Anniversary of Seniors’ Month

JUNE 2014 MARKS THE 30TH ANNIVERSARY OF SENIORS’ MONTH IN ONTARIO Mario Sergio, Minister Responsible for Seniors Affairs recently announced that June 2014 is the 30th anniversary of Seniors’ Month in Ontario. The theme for this year is Aging Without … Continue reading 

Tips for improved health and memory function

Of all the organs in your body, your brain has the hardest job! While there is no way to fully prevent the development of Alzheimer’s and dementia, there are several ways that seniors can boost their cognitive skills. Whether an … Continue reading 

5 Important Ingredients for Living Happily in Retirement

Often people dream of retiring! But when the time does come, it’s only natural if you’re overwhelmed with your newfound freedom and concerned about your overall happiness. So, what’s the recipe for success? Here are some ways you can start … Continue reading 

How to cope with moving to a retirement residence

How to cope with moving to a retirement residence Over the course of a lifetime and as we get older, there will be many new experiences; and one of the most common will be a change in housing. For some … Continue reading 

For Kit and all who know her, it’s still a very good life.

Meet Kit… Her given name is actually Katherine. But Kit seems to suit her much better. It’s less formal, more down to earth. More like the woman herself. She picked her name. As she tells it, there were five ‘Katherine’s’ … Continue reading 

The importance of being social as a senior citizen

Did you know staying socially active can help you live longer, become happier and remain free of disabilities? Well, it’s true! Numerous studies have shown that loneliness and social isolation have been linked to poor health. Socially isolated seniors can have a shorter life expectancy … Continue reading 

Planning for retirement: The essentials

When most of us think about our retirement expectations and projections, usually spreadsheets, calculators and frightening rules of thumb immediately come to mind. Preparing to retire can be an exciting time; it’s a chance to look forward to having more time … Continue reading 


Retired people playing cards together

In Senior Primary School we had a specialist art teacher come to our classroom once a week.  He taught me that art was definitely not for me!!  He even used ‘the strap’ if displeased with our efforts.  I was absolutely … Continue reading 

Tips and tricks for health and longevity

We all want to live longer and live better. For most of us, this is a common goal in life, but for others, it can be quite difficult to obtain (it’s true when they say that ‘old habits die hard’). … Continue reading 

Are you Looking for A Rewarding Career?

Are you a whiz at networking? A passion for people? Love to see meaningful results? A master at creating and having fun? We’re searching for that “someone who knows everyone” to lead our community awareness & engagement initiatives. You’ll use … Continue reading 

Live to 100 and Beyond

Want to live to 100 and beyond? Get active and love where you live. That’s Charles Hicks’ philosophy for a long and happy life, one his father shared and he lived to be 104. Like father, like son: good health, … Continue reading 

Live to 100 and Beyond

Want to live to 100 and beyond? Get active and love where you live. That’s Charles Hicks’ philosophy for a long and happy life, one his father shared and he lived to be 104. Like father, like son: good health, … Continue reading 

Executive Chef William Thomas Stewart III

retirement community investors

“As a Chef I am always asked ‘what’s your favourite thing to cook’” Chef Will laughs as he answers “that’s a hard question because if you are creative everything is a favourite, so I answer ‘everything’”. As a General Manager … Continue reading 

Three Important Questions You Need to Ask the Staff at a Retirement Home

man researching retirement

  Selecting a retirement home is an important, personal, and often difficult decision. You and your family will have a lot to think about on your first visit to a retirement home – your first impressions of staff and residents, … Continue reading 

Should You Buy or Rent a Retirement Home for Your Parents?

Retirement is all about forward planning – particularly when it comes to one of the biggest financial considerations: housing. Whether to buy or rent a retirement home is ultimately a personal decision for you and your family, but if you’re … Continue reading 

How to Decide If Your Parents’ Lives Would be Better Living at a Retirement Home

Many people struggle with the best way to care for their aging parents and often debate whether their parent(s) should move in with them, or into a retirement home. These are complex decisions with no easy answers, and have emotional, … Continue reading 

Common Myths About Retirement Homes

For Mississauga News: Seniors in the City Perhaps the biggest myth about the retirement years is that all seniors are best off if they can ‘manage’ to stay in their own homes. For many, the reality of that is spending … Continue reading 

Are You or Someone You Know Still Resisting The Move?

Plenty of research tells us that most seniors do want to stay at home and resist moving. As long as they can provide the means to remain safely there, and have enough social interactions to suit their needs, staying at … Continue reading 

Pumpkin Recipes For Any Meal!

Fall is definitely our favourite time of year. The colours are transforming, whilst your wardrobe becomes endless layers of cozy sweaters and scarfs, and above all- the seasonal cooking and baking is the best. One of our personal favourite in-season … Continue reading 

The Benefits of Yoga in the Senior Community Part II

So we covered our minds, and how important it is to stop and take some time to focus on your breath in our last post.  Yoga takes the saying “just breathe” to a whole new level, because a lot of … Continue reading 

Tips for Downsizing When Retiring

Moving can be overwhelming for anyone, the stress of packing up and moving from the home you’ve lived for 20+ years can have some serious emotional attachment, but we are here to help! These easy-to-follow tips will help you de-stress … Continue reading 

The Benefits of Yoga for Seniors Part I

In today’s society we are programmed to operate at fast level to keep up, and sometimes the hardest thing to do is to sit still and turn off the all screens that deliver information to us everyday.  However, those quiet … Continue reading 



" As a Resident of Goderich Place for well over a year now, I feel like this is home! The staff are like friends. They are very helpful and understanding. Couldn’t ask for a better bunch to spend my retirement with. "

Ron Chapelle - Goderich Place Resident

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