Josef Ger

Founder, President and CEO

Josef Ger, the founder and CEO of RLC, has had a distinguished and successful career in public practice as a consultant in the seniors’ housing management and real estate development sector. As a result of his experience in the field, Josef founded his own “Boutique Advisory” firm. The firm specialized in the seniors’ market and advised numerous operators, developers, not-for-profit organizations and financial institutions to plan, develop, market and operate a wide variety of retirement housing projects throughout Canada. In addition, by acting as a receiver manager, on behalf of lenders and mortgage insurers, the firm and its operating team acquired significant expertise in creatively adapting seniors’ projects towards their specific market segments – independent living, supportive living, and serviced condominium living.

Josef’s unconventional approach and perspective on the seniors’ mindset has allowed him to establish a unique niche in the market place. Developing innovative housing complexes and residential models that reflect the customers’ (seniors’) interests, lifestyle and personal needs for security, while offering an entertaining alternative to the bland, generic and medically based model of retirement homes commonly found in the market place. Central to this concept is a priority to create residential environments that appeal to the local community and become integral venues for social and entertainment functions, thereby bringing the spirit and essence of the community with them. The results are unique functional venues that cannot be duplicated.

Today, RLC has grown into a dedicated family business, spanning two generations. The Ger family continues its hands-on involvement in each community as it designs, develops and manages the RLC brand with family pride.



It’s a wonderful place! Everybody is really friendly. I’ve been here for a few years now and really enjoy it.