Carefree Community Living

Enjoy the retirement you deserve and want, RLC’s lifestyle gives you everything you’re looking for from flexible options to rent or own, Seniors Smart Features, inspiring environments and exceptional programming.

Everything You Deserve

Enjoy everything you want and deserve with Retirement Life Communities’ rich and rewarding lifestyle. Your mind, body and spirit are enriched with senior specific programs and services.

Everything We Offer

Whether renting or owning, full participation in all seniors’ service packages or simply making a selection to suit your individual needs, RLC’s communities offer exceptional choice and quality for independent seniors’ retirement living.


Flexible Rent or Own Option

Rent or Own -it’s up to you! Choose a condo or a rental. Select your location. Choose from a range of suite sizes.

Age-In-Place Option

If you need extra assistance, RLC’s on-site respite centre allows you to age-in-place with dignity and peace-of-mind.



SeniorSmart™ Features

Experience SeniorSmart™ RLC’s brand of practical features built-in to condo or rental suites that make aging-in-place safe and secure and promoting independence.

Senior Social Programs

Senior-specific social and educational programs, activities and outings are all professionally-designed and coordinated to encourage our residents to keep active and engaged.



Creating Community

RLC communities provide a new beginning and a sense of belonging for seniors as they transition to independent retirement living.


It’s a wonderful place! Everybody is really friendly. I’ve been here for a few years now and really enjoy it.